The TE030 CANfinder helps you locate different signals without grounding and any direct connection to the electronic system.

The Can Bus Finder is an innovative tool, to help technicians quickly locate/confirm an alternating pulse such as :

  • Indicator wire signal
  • O2 Sensor signal
  • CAN BUS signals
  • DATA signal such as Immobiliser


An in built speaker also allows you to hear the data stream.

The wire does not have to be cut or probed, as the tool has a sensor which is placed on the wire to be tested.

When testing CAN BUS signals, the Indicator LED will glow green if the wire being tested is the CAN BUS high signal, and glow red if the signal is the CAN BUS low signal.

This tool can be used for such things as checking that the Can BUS Data is being transmitted between modules, or if the CAN BUS is powering down, (sleep mode) after the key is turned off.

To enable you to locate wires in dark areas, there is an inbuilt LED light.