Short and open circuits

You can track them down faster and easier because you don’t have to spend hours  untying every wire harness, opening conduits, ripping apart upholstery or dismantling body panels just to chase faulty wires.   The TE038 uses radio signals, which allow you to trace the trouble circuit and locate the fault from several inches away, even when the wires are inside conduits harnesses, or behind panels and upholstery.

Multiple applications

This professional tool will work on all kinds of circuits with voltages between 6 and 42 Volt DC, such as those found in automobiles, truck trailers, tractors, boats, RVs, etc. With its wide working voltage range, automatic open/short  detection, flexible probe and adjustable sensitivity, the FF310 Faultfinder enables you, to troubleshoot a complete array of common problems, in a wide variety of vehicles.