Features and benefits:

  • Fast, accurate and safe relay circuit tester that tests the supply, earth and trigger wires within the automotive circuit.
  • Simply remove the relay and install the corresponding dummy relay.
  • Includes a universal fly lead for non standard relay pin configurations.
  • Earth, supply and trigger terminals are displayed as green or red LEDs.
  • The tester can also be used to power components by simulating the relay in the on/off positions¬† using the test button.
  • Works on 12 or 24 volt systems.
  • Can test relay circuits in late model vehicles.
  • Identify the problem in a circuit in seconds without the use of a multi-meter.
  • Can jump the relay for compression testing a/c recharge etc.
  • Includes eight (8) of the most popular relay adapters plus a universal to configure your own.
  • Cuts diagnostic time on relay related problems by up to 75%.
  • Instructions Included.