TE058 Smartach +COP  Multisystem Ignition Analyser unique and proprietary technology allows the user to perform quick and reliable diagnostics of non-starts, misfires, fouled up or damaged spark plugs and/or spark plug wires, by comparing digital read-outs of the spark plug voltage and spark burn time between cylinders on engines using Coil on Plug, Coil near Plug, conventional distributor/ignition coil, DIS (Distributor-less) or waste spark & magneto technologies.

Simple and easy to use:

The TE058 requires no special adapters, cables or a scope and is equipped with a large digital display that shows spark plug voltage, spark burn time, RPM, as well as Minimum and Maximum readings in real time.  Select the ignition system to measure (spark plug wire or coil on plug) and number of cycles.  Place the capacitive sensor (yellow tip) on top of the spark plug wire or ignition module.  Read spark burn time, spark KV and RPM on the LCD display.

Special COP mode:

New and unique technology for testing Coil on Plug & Coil near Plug systems produces more consistent & reliable results.

Quick and easy diagnostics of:

  • Non-starts
  • Defective coils                                     
  • Damaged spark plug wires
  • Misfires
  • Fouled or damaged spark plugs