An essential and easy to use tool to allow the one person operation of locating TDC on petrol & diesel engines, to assist in engine timing, timing belt /chain installation and timing pin insertion.

The TDC finder locates into the spark plug / glow plug / Direct Injectors and clearly shows when the piston has achieved TDC by visible movement of the indicator float in its chamber.

A technician inserts the connection hose into the Spark plug/Glow plug or direct injector (For Petrol or Diesel) with the adapters provided.  The other end of the connection hose is then connected to the Float chamber and mounted using the Magnetic hanger.

The technician then rotates the crankshaft and views the float chamber.  The float indicates immediately when the cylinder has reached TDC.

Comes complete with:

  • Adaptors for 8-18mm spark plugs / glow plugs / Direct Injectors
  • Extension piece to access deep plug holes
  • Magnetic hands free attachment to hang indicator chamber
  • Instruction DVD