The sensor signal output is shown in real time on the bar graph, while a 2 digit alphanumeric display shows the sensor output cross count per second.

By pressing the ‘Test’ button and performing a snap throttle acceleration of the engine, it tests the response time of the sensor and shows a pass or fail result within seconds.

Two buttons allows for simulation of rich or lean conditions to monitor response of the engine control module.

Advanced connection detection:

The TE060 automatically detects common wire misconnections like ground, heater wires, disconnected test leads, reversed polarity etc. and displays these on the alphanumeric display.

Simple and flexible to use:

  • Sensor can be tested on or off the vehicle
  • Does not require special setups or in depth knowledge to use
  • Provides instant readings and testing capabilities of the output of the sensor
  • Diagnoses “lazy” (slow response) sensors, which may not set DTCs, but cause drivability problems
  • Excellent preventive maintenance tool, to diagnose   sensors that need to be replaced before they set DTCs or completely fail
  • Rugged electronics make it almost impossible to damage the instrument, even if wrongly connected
  • No software to upgrade